"I knew I would learn a lot. I knew I would have fun. I didn't know I would walk away with friends."
Joel Zysman

"It has been such a wonderful experience. A magical time enhanced by the BEST company, superb tuition and enough inspiration to last a lifetime of mouthwatering meals. I shall take away so many cherished memories and experiences.
Thank you so much."
Jo Shepherd

"Sensational! Thanks for accommodating the two Canadian amateurs in your very accomplished presence! The ambiance and camaraderie were also superb thanks to all! You've introduced us both to an entirely new level of cooking and it will change how we work in the kitchen dramatically."
Thomas & Andy Chisholm

"A wondeful, gastronomic and inspirational week - more than I could have ever anticipated. An oasis of culinary delights and skills. Thank you for your patience and attention to detail. Fantastic group of people."
Heather Clapp

"Thank you for an amazing experience! The cooking course far exceeded our expectations; we learned so much and made wonderful new friends. Russell and I are excited to take our new skills home and share them with our family and friends. We appreciate your encouragement and faith in our ability to accomplish techniques we did not have before. Thanks!"
Cheryl Freed
San Antonio, TX

"Many thanks for a fantastic, wonderful experience! I have learnt so much, from basics to gourmet foods. Far exceeded my expectations. Wonderful hospitality, brilliant chefs and met some like-minded people. Even got over my fear of knives! As Arnie said, "I'll be back"!!"
Wendy Hamson

"Thank you so much for such a marvelous week! I learned so much from y'all and I'm so excited to practice my new skills for my family and friends. I promise I'll get better at chopping julienne and doing sugar work! It was such a pleasure to get to know all of you and I am so thankful for this experience. Thank you for your patience and wisdom while working with us, in addition to your good humour! Walnut Grove cookery school will always hold a special place in my heart - maybe I'll get to come back for another course after a couple of year of practice! I wish nothing but the best for you and your families."
Elizabeth Deily

"Thank you for starting our 40th Wedding Anniversary holiday in France in such a wonderful way. every aspect of our time at the Walnut Grove has exceeded our expectations, not least our cooking ability!! The pace, challenge and balance of the course has allowed us to learn at our own pace and share our triumphs and failures in a relaxed but purposeful environment where we were encouraged to succeed but allowed to fail (remember my butterfly!). Hoping and expecting to be back."
Roy & Marsha Smith

Sample 5 Day Cookery Course Itinerary

Gourmet Cuisine and Cooking Classes in the Loire Valley


o   4:30p – Check-in

o   Greeting with Champagne Toast

o   House Tour / Room Assignments

o   6:30p – Six Course Gourmet Dinner.  Each course introduced by Chef Janon.


v  Foie Gras Brulee over crushed Hazelnuts with Toast Points

v  Mache Salad with Prosciutto Petals and Caviar topped Deviled Egg

v  Tenderloin of Pork with Roasted Pork Belly and Truffled Onion Jus with Smashed Potatoes and Haricot Vert

v  Glazed Lemon Tart with Iced Lime Parfait in a Honey Wafer Basket

v  Cheese and Homemade Crackers

v  Coffee & Tea with Petite Fours


o   8a – Breakfast served in the Bourgeois B&B Dining Room

o   10a – Begin Kitchen Activities

§  Kitchen Safety, Knife Skills (using potatoes, leeks, onions, carrots and garlic)

o   11:30a – Chicken Butchery

§  Each student deconstructs a whole chicken into presentation pieces to be used throughout the week’s course

o   12:30p – Lunch Break

o   2p – Stocks & Sauces Intro

o   3p – Breads Part 1

§  Sweet Pastry & Crackers

o   4p – Dinner Prep – Students done by 5p.  Chef to complete the meal.

§  Searing, Flavoring, Balance & Vinaigrettes

o   6:30p – Dinner (Group Meal enjoyed with Chef and Her Family) and Wine Pairing Discussion

o   SAMPLE MENU – Coq Au Vin, Salad and Apple Tarte Tatin


o   8a – Breakfast served in the Bourgeois B&B Dining Room

o   10a – GUIDED FIELD TRIP - Depart for the Village of Craon

§  Boulangerie Visit, Farmer’s Market, Boucherie & Local Culture

o   12:30p – Lunch at Local Restaurant with Chef Janon

o   2:30p – Return to The Walnut Grove

o   4p – Charcuterie Class and Grazing Table

o   SAMPLE MENU – Foie Gras Mousse, Pate A Choux Pastry (sweet & savory), Sous Vide Chicken, Pickled Veggies

o   6:30p – Dinner of Charcuterie, Salads and the Bounty Procured on the Field Trip


o   8a – Breakfast served in the Bourgeois B&B Dining Room

o   10a – Begin Kitchen Activities

§  Filleting Fish, Curing Salmon, Shellfish and Fish Stock

o   11:30a – Bread Part 2

§  Loaves, Biscuits and Focaccia

o   1p – Lunch of Seafood Chowder & Fresh Bread

o   2:30p – Guest Instructor for Croissants & Macaroons

o   5:30p – Break

o   6:30p – Custom Dinner Based on Conversations and Special Requests of Students


o   8a – Breakfast served in the Bourgeois B&B Dining Room

o   10a – Begin Kitchen Activities / Dinner Menu Explanation

o   10:30a – Sugar Art, Chocolate Piping, Plating & Garnishes

o   12:30p – Lunch Utilizing Ingredients Created Throughout the Week

o   2p – Dinner Prep / Divide Tasks

o   6:30p – Six Course Gourmet Dinner prepared BY STUDENTS


v  Duck Confit

v  Chicken Liver Parfait with Sweet & Sour Chutney

v  Steak Tartar with Poached Quail Egg

v  Seared Salmon over Grilled Leeks in a White Wine Cream Sauce

v  Caramelized Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Truffle Oil

v  Apricot & Pistachio stuffed Pork Roulade

v  Ice Cream and Sorbets

v  Coffee & Tea with Petite Fours


o   8a – Breakfast served in the Bourgeois B&B Dining Room

o   By 11a – Goodbyes & Check-Out


Knife Skills, Kitchen Safety, Sanitation, Butchery (chicken & fish), Stocks, Sauces, Purees, Pastry, Bread Making, Pickling, Sugar & Chocolate Art, Plating, Garnishing, Balancing Flavors, Food Shopping, Menu Planning, Sous Vide, Wine Pairing, Product Utilization and Creation of Specifically Requested Menu Items